Tavole Palatine

We arrived to the temple just before sunset. Just in time to read the signs describing the history of the place, to take a few pictures and to look at the immense columns towering over us. Temples always create a sense of awe and wonder in me…. how did they do it? How did they manage to build these gigantic structures without all of our modern day machines? They must of been very perseverant, determined to build what they had set out to build.

And then the sun began to go down, and while the kids walked around, climbed on the columns and chatted to themselves, I just hugged my honey a little tighter. It was so beautiful. The sky was pink, the sun was orange, and I was feeling blessed. And thankful. Thankful for the chance to live among ancient things. Thankful for my crazy tribe. And thankful for the precious time together, which there is never enough of. And I just sighed and watched the sun go down…and took a deep breath and enjoyed the moment that God had given us and the family that he has given me. And was reminded of our first trip to Metaponte…

The first time we visited the Tavole Palatine the kids were much smaller. I remember them standing next to the columns and the columns seeming even more immense towering over my littles. That was a trip to Calabria 7 years ago. On our way home we stopped at the Tavole Palatine and a few other amazing archeological sites. Then we went for a swim at Metaponte.

Sometimes I think it’s funny how normal it all is for our kids. Their daily life is surrounded by all things ancient and antique. Temple ruins become a playground to explore, or a building to play “house” in. The archeological area of Metaponte is beautiful and fascinating. The kids had fun exploring, and climbing and seeing the immense columns.

This was one of my favorite photos. . . because she really believed that she could move that column. She was convinced! I love how kids imagine and pretend and are so innocent in their expectations and efforts. They believe they can and then they just try! So much faith!

The archeological site was very large, with many things to see and explore. And it was HOT. I am so glad that there was a beautiful beach near by to cool off at afterwards. We just needed a gelato and then it would have been perfect!

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