Are you going to go see the new Aladdin movie?

We can’t wait! It was one of my favorite Disney movies growing up! I had every song memorized and Robin Williams was my favorite. Disney has been on a remake rampage… and for the most part I have enjoyed how they have turned out. My favorites being Cinderella and Mary Poppins. We wanted to celebrate with a little Aladdin party, and so we made some fun crafts to get in the Arabian nights mood!

There are no Aladdin party supplies around here, so we decided to create our own! I love how they turned out! We went with gold, purple, turquoise and pink. We made these beautiful cups by adding a few self adhesive jewels. And we did the same with our forks, just to add a little sparkle!

For crafts, we started with these adorable genie bottles! We got the bottles from Amazon and the sand from OTC. The self-adhesive jewels were from a local craft shop. To make your own genie bottle:

  • Insert hook in cork.
  • Fill bottle with colored sand using a mini funnel. Leave space at the top of the bottle so that your lid will fit down into it.
  • Using a Q-tip coat the inner rim of the neck of the bottle with craft glue.
  • Place your cork lid down into the bottle (and glue).
  • Attach a string to turn your genie bottle into a necklace!
  • Allow to dry before wearing. The glue will help the lid to stay in place.

Then we made these cute little favor bags to put our goodies in. We just added some self-adhesive jewels to these sparkly bags and we were set!

Lastly we made these cute magic carpet key chains! Carpet was always one of my favorite characters in the Disney cartoon. He was so sweet and brave. I am looking forward to seeing what they do with him in this film!

To make your magic carpet key chain you will need:

  • Key ring
  • Self adhesive jewels
  • String
  • Fork
  • Felt

Begin by cutting out 3 different sizes of rectangles, each one slightly smaller in dimension than the first. Our largest rectangle was approximately 4 x 2.5 inches. Glue them together with craft or fabric glue or a glue gun. While it dries make your tassles.

Wrap your string around your fork. You will be making two circles: one smaller one, and one larger one. The smaller one will be wrapped between two of the fork tongs (see photo), and the larger one will be wrapped between the remaining three. Circle your thread around until you get the thickness of the tassle you prefer. Tie a knot around your smaller circle, tightening it and preventing it from coming apart. Cut the longer circle in the middle, creating your tassle strings.

Attach your tassle to your carpet with a glue gun. Add jewels on top just for fun! That’s it!


Let me know if you enjoyed this new version of Aladdin or if you preferred the original?!

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