Salento is one of the most beautiful areas of Italy. Especially if you are looking for amazing beaches with crystal clear water. Our favorite vacation spot for years was Torre del Orso, and Otranto.

And vacation is even more fun, when grandparents come along! Really!! We love having my parents with us when we get away for a few days. They are a huge help with the kids, cooking, etc. It is a blessings to have extra hands available when you are trying to “rest”, but still have to keep up with three little munchkins. Our kids love the time with Grandma and Grandpa too. Seeing as though we live far away, our kids do not have their grandparents in their daily lives. So, these trips become extra special occasions for making memories and spending time together building sand castles, reading stories and snuggling with a beach towel to warm up.

Torre del Orso is a tiny beach town right on the sea. It is very active and crowded in the summer, and pretty dead the rest of the year. The beaches are lined with pine trees, providing shade for those who need a break from the sun. The water is clean and clear and the beaches are sandy, making them a ton of fun for little ones. There are plenty of little beaches to explore along the coast near Torre del Orso. Each one has it’s own charm. This one that we found had ruins and caves to explore and plenty of tiny crabs to chase.

The beach at Torre del Orso is long and narrow, with the cliffs rising up on either end of the beach creating a cove. At the south end of the beach there is even a small creek that flows out into the sea with cool water. It is beautiful beach for swimming, and taking walks and playing in the sand.

Torre del Orso is not as interesting in the evening. It is a beach town and options are limited for meals or outings. But Otranto is near by and is one of our favorite cities to visit. It is on the sea, so you can swim by day, but at night it is a lovely place for a walk, dinner or gelato.

The old part of town is beautiful. You can take a stroll through the historic part of town finding numerous castles, churches, and interesting shops to explore and buy souvenirs.

We have chosen to rent a small house in Torre del Orso and then make the trip to Otranto in the evening to enjoy a stroll.

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