5 Sep

Perfect Caramel

This caramel is easy to make and is perfectly delicious! And when I say it is easy to make, I mean it! Because caramel can be tricky, but this recipe will have you shouting for joy at how easy it is! You will need: 1/2 cup heavy cream 1 cup sugar 5 Tablespoons of butter […]


3 Sep

Breakfast for Dinner

One of my family’s favorite traditions growing up was having breakfast for dinner! We almost never ate a big breakfast in the morning. I never eat a big breakfast because I am half asleep until 10 am, even if I am out of bed by 6:30! I am officially NOT a morning person. But breakfast […]


28 Aug

Fluffy Buttermilk Pancakes

My kids love pancakes. My Mom (Ama to my kids) makes these crazy pancake shapes that they fell in love with from the time that they were little! She would make them castles, Llamas, horses, guitars, snakes and anything they could come up with! While I am not as talented as my Mom with pancake […]


10 Aug

Chocolate Chip Muffin Cookies

Cakey Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe When I first moved to Italy I struggled a lot with feeling homesick. In the last few months before my husband and I moved back here, I had taken a lot of photos with my family in the USA. I printed out those photos and looked at them a thousand […]


16 Jul

Ice Cream Sandwiches

Summer is here! Whose ready for ice cream? My kids love ice cream sandwiches. So we made this delicious homemade version together. The chocolate chip cookie recipe is the classic Nestle Toll House Chocolate Chip cookie recipe. It works perfectly for ice cream sandwiches because you want a nice flat cookie to make your sandwich. […]


11 Jun

Nutella Girelle

If you are looking for a super easy party treat that will still make a great impression, then these bite size pastry snacks are the perfect solution! I love to make them for parties or get-togethers- they are an easy finger food, but my kids love them for breakfast too! Just grab a roll of […]


11 Jun

A Chocolately Twist on a Classic Treat

Rice Krispie treats are a classic childhood recipe. They were one of my Mom’s favorite easy treats, and are now one of my daughter’s favorite treats. I never really cared for them because I found them to be too sweet. So recently when my middlest asked me to make Rice Krispie treats with her I […]


23 May

The Best Chocolate Chip Cookies!

When we moved to Italy 16 years ago, we lived in a farm house in the country during our first three years here. It was beautiful, but a little bit lonely at times. We had one car and were too far from town to walk anywhere. So, when we moved into Modugno, the city where […]