Glow Party: Games & Activities:

To have an amazing glow party you will need black lights. You can calculate how many you will need per square foot to light up your room and create the right effect.

Start with a photo booth! Set out a bunch of glow supplies like bracelets, headbands and glasses and some glow in the dark face paint and make up for guests to use as they arrive. Then send them over to take a picture or two or three!

Create a keepsake for the birthday girl or boy! Create a canvas using glow in the dark paint and ask everyone who attends the party to sign it for the birthday girl. It will a sweet memory with sweet words from all of her friends.

Next set up a fun table full of food and dessert and drinks for them to reenergize during the festivities.

Lastly put together some games and activities for the guests to participate in during the party. We had a few tables out with activities to play as the guests arrived. . .like water pong (instead of beer pong), table hockey, and other active table games.

Once everyone arrives there are a few fun themed ideas you can try:

Glow in the Dark Charades:

Attach glow sticks to a black shirt. Guests take turns acting out a word they draw from a bowl. The first guest to guess the right action word, wins the possibility to act out the next word. It’s like normal charades but so much more fun in the dark with black lights because all you can see are the glow sticks moving around with the movements of the actors body! Make sure you use enough glow sticks to create a full “skeleton” so that everyone can see the actor’s movements.

Glow in the dark musical bottles:

LOL. Substitute the classic game of musical chairs with bottles set out on a table (there should always be one less bottle than there are people). Have the guests walk around the table to music. When the music stops they try and grab a bottle. The catch? The bottles are clear plastic water bottles filled with water and glow sticks! They light up and are fun to reach for in the dark.

Glow in the dark dodgeball:

You can buy glow in the dark balls to play this version of dodgeball or you can grab a whole bunch of rolls of toilet paper and watch them light up with the black lights as the kids toss them and try and get the other team out!

Glow in the dark Capture the flag or Glow bottle:

Divide your groups up into two teams. Distinguish your two teams by putting a matching color of glow in the dark tape on each team (team yellow and team orange for example), or by giving them matching glow in the dark bracelets. This will help them find their team mates. You can then buy a glow in the dark flag, or you can make your own version with a water bottle and glow sticks. Each team has to hide and protect their water bottle. You can create glow in the dark “tails” with glow in the dark tape. Place two long pieces together then have each team member tuck the piece in the back of their belt. They are out if someone steals their glow tail.

Other games you can play in the dark are Just Dance and hide and seek. Get creative and have fun with the black lights! You don’t need to spend a lot of money to come up with several fun games for the kids to play.

Happy glow party!

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