04 February 2022

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DIY Hot Chocolate Bomb

I have a HUGE hot chocolate addiction….like I drink it pretty much every day in the winter months! EVERY day.

So the hot chocolate bombs fascinated me. But they always seemed o gigantic….and therefore just too much for a cup of hot chocolate. So I wanted to create a recipe that would be perfect for a personal cup of cocoa!

To create this recipe you will need:


  • a silicone cake pop mold
  • chocolate to melt (white, dark or milk…you choose!)
  • Hot chocolate powder (or make your own)
  • Mini chocolate chips (optional)
  • Mini marshmallows (optional)
  • Crushed Peppermint (optional)
  • Other add ins
  • Optional decorations for the outside of your bomb…such as edible glitter, and sprinkles to cover to seam.

To begin…

I dusted my silicone mold with gold edible glitter. I wanted me chocolate bombs to be sparkly!

Next melt your chocolate and pour a thin coating into each of your molds.

Allow the chocolate to dry and harden completely.

Next fill pop out your chocolate half circles from the silicone cake pop mold.

Fill half of each circle with hot chocolate powder and your other optional ingredients!

If you have some that have broken edges, that will not glue well to another half circle of chocolate set them aside. You need the edges to be smooth for this to work well.

Next, using a piping bag, or a spoon or dipping your circle directly into a bowl of melted chocolate, coat the seam between the two haves and roll in sprinkles to cover your seem. Set aside to dry. This will successfully “glue” your two halves together!

Once your bombs are dry put them in an air tight container to store or try one out immediately! They are so delish!

Just heat your milk so that it is is extra hot! Drop in your bomb and stir!

The result is a rich and creamy hot chocolate that is perfect for cold winter days!

Enjoy making hot chocolate bombs for a gift or to warm yourself up on a cold winter day!

Happy creating!

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