Easy Fondant Flowers

We needed a tropical escape this year, so this tropical theme for perfect for my girl’s birthday. I wanted to create buttercream monstera leaves on the cake, but it felt empty and boring when I was done. So I decided to add some fondant flowers. And they could not be easier to make!!

I used pink Wilton fondant. Begin by making a long cylinder “snake-like” shape. Cut off small slices. Lay the slice flat on their back between two pieces of parchment paper or a mat. Press firmly with the palm of your hand, or use a rolling pin (it will be harder to get the correct round shape with a rolling pin). You will want one end to be flatter than the other.

Gently roll the first flattened circle over on itself pinching one end together (see photo). You will lay the petals out when you are done, so don’t worry about that for now.

Continue adding petals onto your flower by wrapping each flattened circle around the last one. Place the thinner end of your circle on the flower first when you begin wrapping it. Keep adding layers until you reach the desired size that you would like. I wanted smaller flowers, but you can make larger petals as needed.

Lastly gently pull the petals in the direction you want to spread the flower out more. Add yellow fondant to create the stigma if you would like.

That’s it! Super easy, and a beautiful addition to your cake or cupcake.

Happy baking!

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