Pom pom Art

Pom poms are oddly satisfying! And rainbows are just what we need this month to brighten up the house that we are stuck in!

Things are pretty crazy here in Italy. The whole country has been placed in Zona Rossa, which means movement is limited, no events, stores have to guarantee distance between customers, theaters are closed, malls are closed, restaurants are open only for home delivery. It is truly a strange time.

In fact yesterday I went to the store to stock up on some food and household items that we needed. People avoided each other and tried to stay away from the other shoppers. They had placed tape on the floor to indicate where you have to stand in line….to make sure everyone was at least 1 meter apart. And then the cash register was completely taped off except for being to step up to the end to retrieve your groceries. This, to ensure that you maintain at least 1 meter between you and the cashier. I could barely reach the machine to sign for my credit card payment. For a warm culture like the Italian culture, it was a strange sight to see.

And now I am back home. We are stuck here. Inventing things to do after we finish homework and online classes. Which is an adventure as well. Between phones, and lap tops and computers, we are all trying to work and get things done. Each in a different room, each of us with headphones. Trying to keep up and figure out all these different platforms for studying online.

Yet, we are lucky. We live on the outside of town. Near empty fields and orchards. So we can take walks. We have a yard for the kids to go out and jump on our trampoline or study outside or just get a breath of fresh air. And so we are. Every day after we are done with studies we take a walk, we pick flowers, we laugh and enjoy nature and each other.

And this little art project has been the perfect reminder for us as well. God still keeps His promises. In fact, the Bible says the He is the same yesterday, today and forever. And so we can trust that just as he was loving and in control yesterday, he is today and he will be tomorrow. And we can have peace and joy. One day at a time.

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