Ice Cream Sandwiches

Summer is here! Whose ready for ice cream? My kids love ice cream sandwiches. So we made this delicious homemade version together. The chocolate chip cookie recipe is the classic Nestle Toll House Chocolate Chip cookie recipe. It works perfectly for ice cream sandwiches because you want a nice flat cookie to make your sandwich. If you are looking for a cakey cookie or the perfect chewy chocolate chip cookie then check out these recipes!

You will need:

  • Several equal sized frozen chocolate chip cookies
  • a plate with mini chocolate chips
  • vanilla ice cream (or ice cream flavor of choice)
  • a round metal cookie cutter

Begin by making your chocolate chip cookies (the recipe can be downloaded below). After you are done freeze your cookies for at least one hour or overnight. When your cookies are frozen go through them and match the top and bottom halves by size. Try to find cookies that are similar in size and shape to make your sandwiches.

With a cookie cutter cut out round ice cream circles for your sandwiches. If they don’t slide out automatically, you can make the cut out shape with the cutter and then cut them out with a knife.

Place the ice cream cut out between your two cookies. Take care to face the flat side of your cookie inward and the rounded part facing away from the ice cream. Roll the ice cream round in mini chocolate chips until it is coated.

Wrap your sandwich well in plastic wrap to avoid freezer burn and then place in freezer bags until you are ready to eat them!

Enjoy! Happy summer! Hope you are enjoying a sunny day!

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