Nutella Girelle

If you are looking for a super easy party treat that will still make a great impression, then these bite size pastry snacks are the perfect solution! I love to make them for parties or get-togethers- they are an easy finger food, but my kids love them for breakfast too!

Just grab a roll of pastry dough, a jar of Nutella, a cookie sheet and some parchment paper. Unroll the dough and soften the Nutella just a few seconds in the microwave, so that it is easier to spread.

Spread a thin layer of Nutella over the dough. Try to keep it evenly distributed, but don’t worry too much, when you roll the dough, there will be plenty of Nutella in each bite! My kids love to add the toppings. Don’t worry if it gets messy while you are spreading, once you roll the dough your treats will look nice and neat!

Roll the dough width-wise (so that the length of the dough is still fully extended). [See Photo] Using a pizza cutter, cut 1 inch disks. Lay them flat on the cookie sheet (you should be able to see the rolled layers of Nutella). Bake in the oven at 375°F (190°C) for approximately 8 minutes, or according to the instructions on your dough. You can also make your own pastry dough, but if you are looking for a quick fix, than this recipe is perfect just as it is.

We love to go crazy with our Girelle pastries (Girelle, pronounced Gee- rel, ay, is literally a pully wheel, but they are a round shaped Italian pastry). We have made cookies and cream girelle, s’mores girelle, chocolate chip girelle, and a new favorite… cinni minis! They are sooo good! They are even great savory. We love them with speck and scamorza bianca. Let me know what tasty combos you come up with!

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