Laghi di Monticchio

Grandma and Grandpa are here visiting, and so we are off to explore! In fact, today we had the privilege of exploring with both sets of grandparents. My kids are blessed to have their grandparents around and are always happy to spend time with them. And we are happy for the extra hands in keeping up with them!

The Laghi di Monticchio (Lakes of Monticchio) are a beautiful place to visit in the Fall. The water is crystal clear, the air is still warm and pleasant and it is the perfect place for a stroll around the lake. In fact we collected acorns for our Fall decor!

The lakes at Monticchio are beautiful, but you are not allowed to swim in them, which makes Fall a great occasion for visiting this location because it is not too hot. We went once in the summer and it was pretty miserable staring at the beautiful water, but not being able to touch it!

I am from Washington. Where there are a thousand lakes, and a million trees. And while I love the Italian sea, there are moments where I miss the green of home. These are the perfect moments to go explore! The best place we have found for finding green in Southern Italy, is in Basilicata.

The Laghi di Monticchio have a nice paved path that goes around the lake, but there are places here and there to explore a little further… paths into the woods, a monastery and ruins.

One of the kid’s favorite parts of visiting the lakes were the paddle boats. They took turns paddling themselves and we drove the boat around the whole lake. You have an hour of time to spend exploring.

With three active kids, there is plenty of space for them to fun and explore. There were picnic benches down by the lake, which were the perfect place to sit and have lunch with Grandma and Grandpa & Opa and Oma.

If you visit Basilicata, make sure to stop by the Laghi di Monticchio!

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